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Facebook and Google Ads for eCommerce

Lume Marketing was founded by Megan Winter in 2011 and has become known as the boutique agency of choice for eCommerce brands who prioritise results, collaboration, and who want to work with a small team that is dedicated to their growth.

Digital advertising services we offer to grow your eCommerce brand

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a powerful media placement tool to grow and scale your eCommerce brand.

Instagram Ads

Instagram advertising allows you to increase your reach and drive more sales to your online store. 

Google Ads

By leveraging the power of Google Ads you can sell more on your online store. 

what to expect when you work with us


The way we will approach your account includes conducting an audit and developing a strategic plan, followed by a setup project before moving onto a monthly optimisation and management phase.


First, we audit your existing ads, the available data within your eCommerce platform and email marketing platform and identify opportunities to strengthen the entire ecosystem. We then develop a strategic plan where we seek to thoroughly understand your goals, audience, brand, product, library of assets and your existing marketing plan. We align your vision with our experience, knowledge & skills and develop a roadmap to get results.


We then set you up for success, ensuring all elements are primed and ready to convert. We map out your ads and write all the ads using your images, videos and tone of voice. We build your ads into your account and once approved by you, we turn them on! 


Once your ads are live, we monitor and optimise the account ensuring peak performance. We constantly test audiences, creative and objectives. We use the data to drive decisions regarding new ads to test.

We analyse the data, and we use this to gain valuable insights into the future direction of the ads. We will constantly communicate our findings and highlight opportunities.


How we get results with Facebook and Google ads

Facebook and Google are a media placement tools where we bid on impressions and clicks. We control the targeting, creative content and budget in order to make sure that Facebook and Google show your ads to people who are likely to buy.

Successful Facebook and Google advertising are a mix of human input, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), whereby it’s the humans’ job to make sure the machine is learning in the direction we want, and achieving the desired outcome. We test, measure and tweak all elements in order to optimise the advertising account to produce the best results.

We use a range of success metrics in our optimisation process. If these success metrics are strong, we know the right people are being targeted with the right message at the right time, and they are coming to a website that has a product they are ready to buy.

Our methodology

How we deliver a holistic advertising approach

We combine the eCommerce marketing funnel with the Facebook and Google Ads tool capabilities to guide potential customers through a purchase journey to go from discovering you, to purchasing from you to engaging with you post-purchase and becoming an advocate for your brand.

Our Methodology

Until you test, it's just a guess

Our methodology involves a test-and-measure approach. We won’t rely on what has worked for other clients, or even in your account historically. We will constantly test and measure on a quest for never-ending improvement.

WORDS from those we've worked with

"Thanks so much Megan & co! Couldn’t have done it without all your amazing work in those early days."

Kate Bezar, The Better Packaging Co

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